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Dentatus profin-pdh

Profin PDH

The Ultimate Instrument for Manual Finishing

Based on the established Profin/EVA system, Dentatus is proud to present the new Profin PDH, a high-quality hand instrument with a wide range of interchangeable Lamineer diamond tips for safe and precise finishing work.


Profin IPR Tips

At the Great New York Meeting in Chicago, November 2014, Dentatus pre-launched its newest addition in the range of Dentatus Lamineer tips for Profin/EVA. Tips for the highly acclaimed reciprocating Profin Directional System — PROFIN IPR™, for interproximal reduction.

Dentatus Surtex

Dentatus Classic Surtex Posts

Premium Dental Posts with Proven Reliability

The original Dentatus Classic Surtex® Posts have become a global standard in dental anchors, and offer dentists a reliable and simple solution for post and core build-up. Our high-quality, pre-fabricated posts are dependable and economic for mos...