ANEW Dental Implant: Discover its versatility!

Dentatus ANEW – Engineered to reduce incidence of peri-implantitis

  • External screw-retention, no cements
  • External platform, prevents rotation
  • Built-in platform switch, no micro-gap
  • Machined collar, promotes healthy tissue
  • Surface treated, promotes osseointegration
  • Tapered, self-threading apical end
  • Available in 4 diameters & 3 lengths respectively: ø 1.8, 2.2, 2.4 & 2.8 mm and L 7,10 & 14 mm


The Dentatus ANEW Implants offer prosthetic versatility

Only Dentatus offers a screw retained narrow diameter implant system that can grow with you: from overdentures, to single tooth, to full mouth reconstruction.


As Dennis Tarnow (DDS) stated:

“The bone doesn’t know the difference between 1 mm of titanium and 9 mm, what matters is what you do prosthetically on top of it.” 

According to Adam Koppelman’s (DDS) testimonial:

“ANEW’s novel and innovative design allows for more ideal prosthetic outcomes because it reduces stress on the implant and provides for easy maintenance of provisional and long-term restorations.”


Why choose the ANEW Implant?

Dentatus Implants signify a major shift in treating a greater range of patients; they are particularly appealing to those who previously declined implant treatment due to constraints of anatomy, fear or cost.

By using a smaller diameter implant, dentists can provide more affordable, less invasive, faster procedures & only Dentatus offers a screw retained narrow diameter implant system that is engineered to reduce incidence of peri-implantitis and preserve bone.

Dentatus Implants are a great option for single tooth, full mouth reconstruction and over-denture procedures.  Grow your practice by implementing a simple implant that allows more patients to say “YES” to implant treatment.


Why NOT others?

Other implants fail to address prosthetic obstacles. Although they might look similar in size, many other narrow diameter implants lack sufficient prosthetic options. Other manufacturers take the same technology and make it smaller, but that fails to address the prosthetic limitations, and this is what often leads to fracture and bone loss among other complications.

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