Cleaning Your Implants With Our Unique EVA Tips

Dentatus EVA Plastic Tips are a brilliant choice for an efficient and gentle cleaning of the implants.


  • Use our Profin PDX handpiece or Profin PDH hand instrument not only for finishing and polishing, but also for professional cleaning of implants with our unique EVA tips.
  • Dentatus EVA tips are available in two variants:
    • Green tip: EVA 2000, with a sharp pointed tip
    • Blue tip: EVA 5000, with a thin spatula with a round tip
  • Used by dentists or dental hygienists to access hard to reach areas and provide a more comfortable experience for the patient.


  • Dentatus EVA tips are disposable
  • Used in combination with an appropriate polishing paste
  • Implant friendly
  • Gentle to prosthesis and patient’s gum
  • Efficient cleaning without heat development
  • Used with the Dentatus Profin System

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