Atlas Lecture & Workshop

Together with our distributors we want to mediate that the Dentatus Atlas Implant system is an easy and proven solution that will transform the quality of life of denture patients and leave them forever thankful to the dental practice. One way of achieving this is to carry out local lectures and Hands-On Workshops for professionals.

The Advantages

  • Learn about patient benefits
  • Learn about how the system works
  • Get fully trained for the first case

Arrange ATLAS Hands-On Workshops for Dentists to Change the Life of Their Denture Patients

Dentatus can offer guidence for local distributors on how to arrange lectures and work shops about Dentatus Narrow Body Implant Systems. The event will start with a seminar that addresses information on the different implant solutions available on the international market and what the local implant market looks like. The lecture will also cover the patient benefits of mini-implants as well as the technical and socio-economic benefits.

At our award winning hands-on workshop that follow the lecture, the dentist will learn how to stabilize, cushion and retain dentures with a minimally invasive one-hour chair-side procedure. They will return to their practice fully trained, with their self-made Atlas model, and all the necessary materials to do their first case.


The Atlas Hands-On Workshop Includes:

Course tuition, a patient education model and a discounted patient starter kit with all the instrumentation and implants needed for the dentists first case.

Dentatus will provide you and your educationist with all the necessary information and guidence. There is a fully developed course plan and education material available  for a local lecturer to learn more and educate.

If you wish to receive more information about the set-up please contact Dentatus Service & Support.