CePo Center Point Dentist Drills

The exclusive CePo needlepoint pilot drills are recommended for initiating osteotomies for dental implants of all sizes and types.

The Advantages

  • Perfect for initiating all size osteotomies
  • Needlepoint design
  • 2 different depth marking systems
Dentatus CePo Profile Drills

Creates The Perfect Path, Exact Angle and Depth Every Time

No matter what the ridge width is, start all your osteomoties with Dentatus CePo Pilot Drills. Its patented needlepoint, fluted design gives you exceptional chatterproof control on the narrowest of ridges.

The CePo needle-point pilot drills are highly recommended by implantologists for initiating osteotomies for all sizes and makes of implants.

Dentatus CePo Drills create a perfect path exact angle and depth every time.

  • Static piercing of tissue without epithelial entrapment.
  • Chatter-free drilling assures accuracy of position, angle and depth
  • Precise repositioning of angles in extraction sites
  • Short & Long shanks on Pilot Drills for unimpeded reach and access
Dentatus CePo-drills

Dentatus CePo Surgical Drill systems

Dentatus offers two different laser marking systems on the CePo Pilot and CePo drills. This information will guide you on how to use them.

The implant platforms on Atlas and Anew implants shall always be flush with the gingival surface.

System 2

A user-friendly marking system, which refers to the actual placement depth through the gingiva, when performing flapless placement of the implants. The markings correspond to the 3 different lengths of Dentatus implants: short (S), medium (M) and long (L). The upper border line of each marking is used as reference to the gingival surface and is placed 11, 14 and 18 mm from tip. The width of each marking is 2 mm.

System 1

The laser markings refer to the threaded length of the implants. Markings are on 7, 10 and 14 mm from the tip of the implant, where the threads on the various implants end. Marking width is approx 0.5 mm.



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