Face Bows & Ear Bows

The Dentatus’ Face Bow and Ear Bow are designed to meet the same high demands for stability and durability as the Dentatus articulators. The face bow and ear bow are used for patient jaw registrations on the correct positioning of teeth in relation to the temporomandibular during insertion in the articulator. The two variants are available depending on the preferred method used for determining the condular position on the patient.

With Dentatus’ Face Bow and Ear Bow it’s easy to obtain precise data from the patient and accurately transfer this information into and in order to fully utilize the scientifically designed Dentatus articulators. Only then are the precision Dentatus articulators used at greater advantage. In addition, to accommodate extreme cases the Dentatus Face Bow has been made somewhat larger than ordinary face bows.

The Dentatus’ Face Bow and Ear Bow fit all Dentatus Articulators with exception for model AEE on older Dentatus articulators without auditory pins.

Dentatus’ Articulators


The Advantages

  • High reliability by obtaining precise data from the patient
  • Easy transfer of accurate data to Dentatus articulators
  • Long lasting quality
Face bows AEE-AEB-2018


Dentatus Articulators with Ear/Face bow

Dentatus Face Bow AEB

The AEB Face Bow is equipped with Standard Calibrated Condylar Rods. The cranial contact points on the Calibrated Condylar Rods are to be positioned at the corresponding positions of the patient’s condyles. When transferred to the articulator, the Calibrated Condylar Rods fit on the Condylar Axis’s on the articulator.

Condylar Rods

The Calibrated Condylar Rods are exchangeable. By changing the rods, the same bow can be used for all methods of determining the condylar position. Optionally, for extremely precise placement, yet another set of Calibrated Condylar Rods is available. The AEB-NO has extendable pins, for exact placement over pre-marked positions on the cheek. On the articulator, the AEB-NO is used in the same way as AEB.

Dentatus Ear Bow AEE

The AEE Ear bow is equipped with Calibrated Condylar Rods with blue rounded ear pieces, to be used in the patient’s ear openings. This makes it easier for the operator to handle the face bow single handedly. When transferred to the articulator, the blue rounded ear plugs are attached to the Auditory Pins placed on the outer side of the articulator’s Condylar Track Assemblies.

Important: With the AEE, it is necessary to lock the articulator at 40° Horizontal Condylar Inclination and Bennet angles at 20°. This to compensate for the 12 mm distance from the center of the Condylar Axis to the auditory meatus.


The Dentatus Face Bows are manufactured from high quality aluminium, to reduce weight. They can be disinfected with alcohol and autoclaved, if necessary.

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