Translucent Endodontic Posts

Without compromise, LUSCENT-R offers all the benefits expected from brand leading, light-transmitting fiber posts, now with higher radiopacity levels for clear & crisp x-rays.

The Advantages

  • Radiopaque
  • Superior esthetics
  • Dentin-like elasticity
  • Biocompatible
  • Priced right
  • Expedited procedure
  • Atraumatic retrieval
  • Swedish quality

Next generation fiber posts with increased radiopacity


Excellent Strength

LUSCENT-R is made of high-quality unidirectional fiber rods that are densely distributed and  polymerized in a strong resin matrix for superior mechanical strength. The flexural modulus is very similar to that of natural dentin, minimizing risk of root fracture.

Superior Adhesion

The adhesion of the epoxy-resin to the silanized fibers in LUSCENT-R is a key point for excellent fatigue properties. The texturized surface, in combination with modern adhesive techniques, produces a strong bond to dentin.

Light Transmitting

The fiber rods effectually transmit light, which allows composite polymerization deep into the canal. When used with dual-cure composites, the additional curing time allows more precise positioning of the post.

Anatomical Design

An anatomically shaped taper minimizes unnecessary removal of dentin and preserves the natural root structure. LUSCENT-R Anchors come in six diameters to provide the optimal choice for the root canal.

Esthetic Results

The neutral shade and translucency of LUSCENT-R blend with the tooth, eliminating shadows at the gingival, root and crown interface, as well as, through thin composite restorations.




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