A revolutionary aid for mandibular balance which identify and compensate for individual height asymmetries between the right and left sides of the mandible. Invaluable in study and diagnosis of pain caused by unbalanced mandible movements.

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The Advantages

  • Essential tool for recognizing condylar/mandibular assymetry
  • Helps you identify and relieve causes of TMJ pain
  • Improves occlusal analysis before orthodontic treatment
Dentatus Maaxloc

Maaxloc - Mandibular Axis Locator

The Maaxloc is your essential tool when a condylar/mandibular asymmetry is recognized. In no time at all you will be saving time for yourself as well as reducing your patient’s pain. As you succesfully determine the correct mandibular position in a quick, yet simple procedure, both you and your patient will be equally satisfied.

The registration index produced in the Maaxloc is comfortably used in cases of craniomandibular or temporomandibular disorders, as well as in any case of prosthetic rehabilitation or orthodontic analysis. Determining the correct mandibular position is of utmost importance and will help you to avoid unwanted occlusal features. This includes achieving the correct incline of implants into the jaws and mproving the occlusal analysis before an orthodontic treatment is initiated.

  • Symmetry in occlusal contacts between the jaws decreases the risk of failure in providing bilateral load to the stomatognathic system.
  • Less time is spent on adjustments and on remakes due to fractures in veneers and crown & bridge work, including suprastructures on successfully accepted implants.
  • Shorter sessions for repetitive registrations of the mandibular positions.
  • A stable occlusion compensates a morphological asymmetry, improves the general adaptation of tissues and is especially beneficial to the edentulous patient wearing removable prostheses, with less dislocation of the prostheses.
  • Last but not least, once the individually correct mandibular position has been found, the patients immediately acknowledge their natural way of achieving oral stability.

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