MTI Transitional Implants

Dentatus MTI Monorail is the original transitional dental implant system designed to assure patients of functional and aesthetic provisionalizations during lengthy implant therapy.

(Only sold outside of EU)

The Advantages

  • The original narrow body transitional dental implant system
  • Provide teeth during healing procedure of traditional dental implants
  • Connective bar system for stabilization of multiple implant constructions
Dentatus MTI Implant System


MTI Narrow Body Implants - Indispensable for Expanding Your Implant Restorative Service

The one-visit, chairside treatment is an indispensable asset for bone graft and ridge augmentation procedures, and immediate transitional support of interim fixed restorations.

  • Easy to place
  • The singular copings solve difficulties of interconnecting implants
  • Less time to fabricate
  • Cross arch stabilization

Case: Immediate Fixed Bridge Supported with 8 MTI Implants

Clinical Procedures Courtesy: Nitzan Bichacho, D.M.D, Cobi J. Landsberg, D.M.D, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dentatus MTI-immediate-fixed-bridge

DENTATUS MTI Monorail ́s streamlined design expands the implant-restorative protocol for wider use in the general practice.

MTI implants alone or with abutments used for small and large fixed bridges give patients teeth at the first visit and the visible benefits of implantology.

The singular copings, with the built-in metal Bar-Stop solves the difficulties of interconnecting varying implant heights and misalignments. Easier to place and less time to fabricate. The external randomly placed Ti Bars create a strong metal-resin laminated splint supported by MTI – Monorail Transitional Implants.

MTI Monorail in Three Steps

A. Place singular copings

B. Insert titanium bars

C. Attach with resin to the restoration

The MTI Monorail

Relieved to fit the low profile cemented splint and resurfaced with a soft reline, a denture is frictionally held in place and is easily adjustable for stress-free removal.

  • Interconnected splint follows the prosthodontic criteria of cross-arch support.
  • The low-profile smoothly finished splint, is firmly cemented in place.
  • A hollowed-out denture base, filled with silicon material, holds the denture firmly in place.
  • Provides gentle, firm retention, that may be renewed as needed.

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