Profin PDX

The ultimate instrumentation for finishing and polishing for professionals

The handpiece and the dedicated and wide assortment of abrasive tips offer unlimited access to hard-to-reach intraoral areas, allowing reshaping of enamel and restorations made of porcelain, metal, composite and amalgam.

The Profin® system is the professionals’ choice for finishing, polishing and contouring dental surfaces, both natural or restored. The Profin system has been on the market since 1990 and we have now launched the Profin® PDX handpiece with tactile ergonomics, smooth glare free surface and a miniature head for best access into incapacious areas.


The Advantages

  • 1.2 mm reciprocating tip movement
  • For hard-to-reach areas
  • Can be used close to the gingiva
  • Tactile ergonomics
  • Smooth glare free surface
Dentatus Profin PDX

Learn More About Profin

In connection with the Profin PDX we launched Professor Per Axelsson´s newest book “Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC), Finishing and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Caries and Periodontal Diseases – Materials, Methods and Effects”.

Read the book here online, contact us to buy a printed version.

Safe, Precise, Finishing and Polishing

Ever increasing demands in respect of dental treatment places an extra burden on the technical design of handpieces and instrumentation.

Traditional hand-held and rotary instruments do not always produce the best results in the subgingival, interdental and proximal areas, and risk the possibility of causing groove formation in the enamel or injury to the gingiva and adjacent teeth.

In recognizing these problems, the Profin contra-angle handpiece has been developed for application in these sensitive and difficult to-reach areas.

The oscillating, controlled impact movement of the inserts can carefully, precisely and safely grind, finish and polish natural dentition and all types of restoration materials.

Left: Risk of injury and groove formation with rotary instruments

Right: Atraumatic, smooth preparation with Profin Directional movement rather than rotation: Safe application, best results

In the Dental Practice

As a result of superb design, Profin provides together with the Lamineer and EVA-tips safe, efficient reshaping of excess filler, cement and bonding materials.

Profin removes deposits and micro-organisms, particulary in gingival pockets thorough cleaning and polishing of proximal and interdental spaces in addition to subgingival surfaces.

Use for:

  • Fine polishing and finishing is possible in conjunction with plastic tips
  • Shaping and adaption of papillary regions to natural tooth shapes
  • Grinding of concave anterior tooth surfaces
  • Fine finishing of cavities
  • Stripping, processing or removal of contact points
  • Precise finishing of oblique areas and angles, together with shoulders and chamfers
  • Fine finishing of the margins around porcelain or metal restoration prior to cementation
  • Scaling of root surfaces using special Per-Io-Tor-instruments

For Use Especially in Hard-To-Reach Areas

As well as moving in a reciprocating vertical direction, the Profin tip can either move freely for smooth contouring or be locked in a fixed position for direct and specific modifications. The blade shaped tips are very thin for optimal access, diamond coated on one side only for safety. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and grits to satisfy all needs. Plastic tips are also available for polishing and burnishing.

The Extraordinary System for Solving Problems of Access and Form with Delicate Safety

The Profin Directional System Instruments are designed to move back and forth as well as all around giving you maximum access and flexibility. Profin’s 1.2 mm low speed reciprocating linear motion coupled with a wide assortment of companion Lamineer® diamond or tungsten tips is indispensable for fine finishing all restorative and luting materials.

Use Lamineer Tips for Profin/EVA:

  • To remove overhangs (composite, amalgam, porcelain). No more ditching.
  • To reach, access, and refinish delicate gingival interproximal residual bonding materials
  • To create embrasures and ideal shapes for your patient’s optimal aesthetics
  • In 2 modalities: fixed reciprocating and self steering reciprocating
  • In Profin contra angles fit all types of dental E-fitting motors

See the complete range of Lamineer tips


This is why Profin is the Natural Choice when Working Professionally:


Periodontics and Preventive Dentistry

  • Gentle cleaning of root surfaces with minimal or no damage to the root cement
    (with Per-Io-Tor tips)
  • Professional cleaning and polishing of all dental surfaces
  • Efficient removal of restorational overhangs


The handpiece and the dedicated and wide assortment of abrasive tips offer unlimited access to hard-to-reach intraoral areas, allowing reshaping of enamel and restorations made of porcelain, metal, composite and amalgam. Per-Io-Tor (far left) instruments are specially designed for access and treatment of root surfaces including root grooves in narrow bone pockets and furcation areas.


  • Fine-tuning of all kinds of preparations
  • Individually adapted shaping and contouring for enhanced aesthetics
  • Finishing and polishing of all restorations, also in hard-to-reach areas

Dentatus pdx-clin-pics-prosthodontics

The Profin system is an excellent tool for refining interdental, gingival and incisal embrasures to a natural form, contouring and individualizing anterior restorations, reshaping contacting tooth surfaces, and fine-finishing the margins of porcelain or metal restorations prior to cementation.


The reciprocating tips can be used vertically (left) as well as horizontally (right) even when rubberdam is placed in contrast to rotating instruments.

Dentatus Profin pdx-clin-pics-prosthodontics3

Left: Initial finishing of the occlusal surface has been carried out with a pear-shaped finishing bur. Observe the rough unfinished mesial surface.

Right: The approximal surface and line angles were stepwise finished with reciprocating 15 μm diamond- and wolfram-coated safe-sided tips. For final polishing, the triangular pointed wooden tip and fluoride polishing paste was used.


  • Interdental cleaning during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances
  • Stripping
  • Clean-up of tooth surfaces after de-bonding

Other Advantages:


  • Reciprocating movement is easy to control
  • Does not damage adjacent teeth (safe-sided tips)
  • No heat build-up
  • Can be used next to rubber dam without getting entangled
  • Use tips in free rotation 360º or in locked-in position


Dentatus Profin PDX


The Dentatus Profin PDX hand-piece

Dentatus Profin PDX Hand-piece with the LTA-Flex Lamineer Tip

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