Profin Dental

Your companion to dental perfection

Ideal for delicate and directionally controlled reciprocating movement for cleaning, finishing and polishing dental surfaces.

The Profin® System is the professionals choice for all kinds of cleaning, finishing and contouring of dental surfaces – natural or restored.

The precise and well defined reciprocating movement provided by the Profin PDX handpiece is easier to control than a rotating instrument and minimizes risk of unintentional scuffing or indentation.

Thanks to the limited movement of the tip, there is also no heat build-up that requires view-limiting water spray during delicate work.

The Advantages

  • For professionals
  • For cleaning, finishing and contouring
  • Efficient but gentle
  • Reciprocating movement
  • Standard E fitting handpiece

Various Lamineer Tips, Many Areas of Use

I first knew the existance of the Profin System in 1998...

“… when I attended a two year course of periodontology with teachers coming fron Gotheborg University (Prof. Jan Wenstrom), in which they explained us that it was a good tool to finish old overhanging fillings and restorations that provided plaque retention. I don’t really remember when I bought my first Profin, but for sure is more than ten years ago. Now I owe four of them and I consider it an indispensable tool if you want to do good conservative therapy. There is no other so effective mean to give a perfect finishing in Class II restorations in the approximal areas, both for direct or indirect restorations. It is very useful too in finishing Class V restorations, both if they are done with composite or advanced glass ionomer cements. With it, you can be very gentle and respectful towards gengiva and root dentine in comparison with a diamond bur. And again Profin give you the possibility of finishing fillings where burs, finishing strips and disks cannot get. It is very effective in finshing restorations made of advanced glass ionomer cements like Equia or improved one, like Ketac Silver, which, in the first step of their setting, are quite soft. A diamond bur easily makes grooves in these materials, while Profin is perfect (especially the large diamonds tips). So as you can imagine, I use the Profin system daily, more times a day and I cannot do without it…”

Dr Riccardo Riva, Italy

Profin is my favourite!

“I have used Profin for about 2.5 years, since one of my teachers in the cariology department showed me the system. I love it! I use it mainly when I am cleaning up after restoring Class II and Class V cavities, but I’ve also used it to remove excess after cementing an inlay. I also use it to remove loose enamel prisms when I am preparing class II cavities.

The main advantage of Profin is that it is easy to achieve smooth and tidy surfaces so that there will always be a nice transition between the filling and the tooth. When I use other methods for polishing, such as polishing diamonds, I often find that these will leave marks in the filling, instead of giving a completely smooth surface.

I work for a few hours each week as a teaching assistant in the cariology department here at the Dental School and when I give students tips for polishing, I always show them Profin first because it’s my favourite!”

Stud. Emma Svedberg, Sweden


The Dentatus Profin PDX Hand-piece

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