Tuf-Link II Silicone Reline, no Need for Denture Adhesive

The narrow diameter ATLAS® implant is primarily designed to retain lower dentures for patients with moderate to severely resorbed bone. ATLAS Implants are utilized with Tuf-Link® II silicone reline material. They provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention of the denture. The system distributes the chewing force on the ridge and implants without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

The Advantages

  • Tuf-Link polymerizes in 4-5 min
  • Non-porous material
  • Requires no adhesives
  • Dentures relined after 18 months
Dentatus Atlas-model

Designed Primarily to Retain Lower Dentures

The ATLAS minimally invasive procedure without a surgical flap dramatically reduces chair time and the simple technical steps make it vastly more affordable to many patients. Because the implants can be immediately loaded and are cushioned, patients can leave your office within an hour or less with a comfortable, stable denture.

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