Dentatus Presents – Individually Adjusted Dental Articulators

Dentatus are releasing upgraded versions of our classic dental articulators that truly will improve the state of restorative dentistry. This time we introduce the individually adjusted dental articulators. The result? Optimal treatment outcome and always satisfied patients.

So, what exactly is a dental articulator? According to the 1977 edition of Academy of Denture Prosthetics, a dental articulator is defined as “a mechanical instrument that represents the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and jaws, to which maxillary and mandibular casts may be attached to simulate some or all mandibular movements”.

In other words, the dental articulator primary function is to work as if it was a patient ‘in-absence’. It is an instrument required for the analysis of functional occlusion, in diagnostics and treatment planning and for all different types of dental prosthetics. It should also have high accuracy and correspondence to real anatomy.

What’s Special with Dentatus´ Individually Adjusted Dental Articulators?

Many mean value dental articulators are available on the current market. Their construction is based upon average mea­surements of the anatomy and biomechanics of the masticatory system.

Unfortunately, average does not fit the individual. Since variations in size and appearance occur in all parts of the human body including the masticatory system, it is inconceivable that the mandibular movement could be standardized in a mean value dental arti­culator.

The individually adjustable Dentatus dental articulator fulfills the requirements of adequate imitation of the individual jaw movements and it can be used for the satisfactory solution of occlusal problems in both natural dentitions and artificial dentures. The Dentatus dental articulator will give an exceedingly accurate simulation of mandibular movements both because it is possible to orient the casts in correct relation to the center of movement and also because the Condylar Tracks can be adjusted both horizontally and laterally.

Introducing the ARH2 and ARL2

The new and upgraded versions of our dental articulators are called ARH2 and ARL2. Both are made of aluminium and high quality stainless steel, with anodized black surfaces and powder coated blue details, for sturdy and reliable use over long time. Use and maintenance has never been easier.

The new upgraded models in the Dentatus dental articulator range keep the same high quality and precision as recognized by the profession since many years. Main improvements are found with scales and settings which have been made with improved visibility scales and more ergonomic knobs.

The September 2018 release of the ARH2 and ARL2 carry on a long Dentatus history of manufacturing dental articulators. The tradition go all the way back to 1944. A well-known high-quality precision instrument among dentists, laboratories and dental students.

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