Dentatus – a unique Swedish manufacturer of dental products

Time for a trip down memory lane. Did you know that Dentatus is one of the oldest manufacturers of dental products in the world? Here is a brief history lesson on how Dentatus became a leading manufacturer of dental products.

The picture above is portraying a Dentatus exhibition stand in Munich 1956. In that moment Dentatus had already been in business for nearly 30 years. Since the company was founded in 1930 Dentatus have designed and delivered groundbreaking dental products to dentists worldwide.

Over 85 years of innovative dental product design  

Already two years after the start-up the first prefabricated metal dental Post (Dentatus Classic Post) was manufactured and in 1944 the first Dentatus Articulator, hit the market. How have we managed to be around for so long? Because of our great strive to always keep developing our products.

Every decade, Dentatus have released new innovative dental products that soon became the new market standard. Dental products such as the EVA Reciprocating Handpiece (first released in 1968) and the modern Profin PDX-series (2012) is regarded as classics in the dentist community. In 1993 the first Narrow-Body Implant system was launched and some years later in the beginning of the 2000’s the innovative Atlas and Anew Narrow-body implant systems were taken to the market.

The Dentatus Prize is founded

Besides being in the frontline of innovation Dentatus has also created one of the most prestigious awards among students. In 1989 the “The Hon. Göran Anneroth Student Achievement Award of the Year” was founded by Dentatus owner Prof. Bernard Weissman, together with the Prof. Göran Anneroth from Umeå University. The Dentatus Prize is awarded, along with a scholarship, to students that has proven excellent academic achievements and empathy for their patients.

Our ambition is to continue to be the world leading manufacturer of dental products, at least for another 85 years.

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