About Dentatus

Designing innovative dental products for 90 years

Dentatus, known worldwide as a designer of systems and manufacturer of innovative high quality medical devices used in the dental field.

Dentatus, founded in 1930 for the purpose of serving the then-emerging Scandinavian dental market, is renowned for its line of precision semi-adjustable articulators that are in continuous use in many universities and dental teaching facilities throughout the world.

To an even greater extent the company is known for its preeminent posture of having introduced the first prefabricated endodontic Classic Post used in dentistry shortly thereafter. The broad range of Dentatus Classic Surtex surface-treated posts in titanium, stainless steel, and gold-plated continues to enjoy a dominant market position in many international markets and is recognized as the standard in dental practice.



Presently, an expanded line consisting of Luminex light-transmitting posts used for strengthening thin root canal walls and the fiberglass light-transmitting Luscent and Twin Luscent Anchors, largely used with aesthetic adhesive materials, satisfies the full range of needs in the broad spectrum of restorative procedures.

Bernard Weissman, the founder and former owner of Whaledent International acquired Dentatus AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988. Dentatus USA, Ltd, located in Hawthorne, NY was founded in 1989 serving as a distribution center for all Dentatus products sold in North and South America.

With the acquisition of Dentatus AB, the company expanded its marketing strategies and accelerated the development of products for the 21st century to satisfy dentistry’s modern needs. Mr. Weissman’s 18 most recent patented inventions, introduced incrementally into the market, provide Dentatus group with a continuous stream of innovative and proprietary products. Among these are the highly regarded Profin® Reciprocating Handpiece and the assorted line of Lamineer Tips® for finishing and polishing. An instrument of choice for a broad range of applications, including providing excellent access to refine esthetic resin build-up restorations and enhanced patient comfort.



Dentatus Profin PDX & PDH

In the early 1990’s, Dentatus introduced MTI® the first Narrow-Body implant for temporary restorations. MTI solved the intolerable problems related with lengthy implant restorative intervals. With the clinical validation of the Narrow-Body Implants concept, Dentatus introduced the Atlas® implants for stabilizing overdentures and the Anew® implants, the only implant system with screw-retained restorations for crowns and large fixed restorations. Both systems are FDA-approved for long term use.


All other products are used in the specialty fields of prosthodontics, endodontics, and periodontics.

Dentatus wide range of precision high technology dental products are distributed through a network of over 100 importers and dealers across the world.

Read more about Dentatus’s Environmental & Sustainability Policy here.


Environmental & Sustainability Policy


Dentatus AB’s main business comprises the development and manufacture of quality products for dentists and dental laboratories as well as equipment and tools for fine mechanical ...

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About Dentatus

Designing innovative dental products for 90 years

Dentatus, known worldwide as a designer of systems and manufacturer of innovative high quality medical devices used in the dental field.