Discover the Advantages with Fiberglass Dental Posts

Based on the Dentatus Luscent Anchors, the further developed Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Posts are highly cherished among dentists. Here are the main reasons why.

Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Posts retain all the elements of its predecessor, while also bringing a wide range of new features to the table. You can say that we surely have raised the level of excellence.

Innovative design – assurance against accidental debonding of adhesive and resin-core materials. The longitudinal vent groove eliminates air resin entrapment and prevents rotational dislocation while the slim mid-section provides extra strong retention.

Light transmission, attractive aesthetics & high retention

Dental posts in fiberglass have a competitive edge in many aspects. The material is very sustainable, giving it a strong and solid structure. Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Posts are safe and easy to handle, high translucency guarantees that bonding and restorative materials get completely polymerized.

When it comes to aesthetics, Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Posts eliminate shadows at the gingival root and crown interface as well as through thin laminate composite restoration. In addition it also reflects the surrounding colours and hues, compatible with natural aesthetics. Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Post can be used in both ends of the post, either as a conical or a parallel dental post.

Twin Luscent Fiberglass Dental Posts- the advantages:

  • Extra high retention through its hour-glass shape design
  • No rotation thanks to the vent groove
  • High adhesion
  • Translucent material for high aesthetics
  • Light transmitting – safe and fast handling

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