Discover the full range of Dentatus premium dental posts

Known for their unique features and premium quality, Dentatus dental posts have become the obvious choice for top dentists worldwide. What makes them so special? Here is a quick walkthrough of our appreciated dental post products.

Dentatus Classic Surtex Posts

Since its original release in 1932 Dentatus Classic Surtex Dental Posts have been the shining diamonds in Dentatus dental post crown. Praised for their reliability, superior retention, superior durability and dynamic design the Surtex dental posts delivers a simple solution for a complicated treatment – post and core build-up of dental anchors.

Made in Sweden, Dentatus Classic Surtex Dental Posts are available in pure titanium, stainless steel or gold plated. Combined with our dedicated reamers they form av state-of-the-art system that can tackle every type of surface treatments.

Luscent and Twin Luscent Fiberglass Resin Anchors Dental Posts

Luscent Fiberglass Resin Anchors is another Dentatus classic that is used for strong aesthetic anchorage of dental cohesive restorations. It offers a one-step procedure for simultaneously curing adhesives and composites within the confines of canals creates a mono-bloc strength anchor-core support.

The new innovative design gives the Twin Luscent Fiberglass Resin Anchors a competitive edge compared to other similar dental post products on the market. It gives a visible assurance against accidental debonding of adhesive and resin-core materials. Twice the invention, twice the retention.

Luminex Root Canal Posts  

When it comes to restoring thin-walled roots Dentatus Luminex dental posts is the way to go. Why? The user friendly Luminex post allows the polymerizing light to pass down through light cured composites inside weak, debilitated root structures, in order to strengthen the root and to leave an ideal space for subsequent placement of prefabricated or custom cast posts and cores.

By using Luminex dental posts you can say goodbye to many of the restorative problems that too often occur when working with fragile and thin-walled teeths.

The stages of production

In fact, Dentatus’ skilled production team produces thousands of gold plated, stainless steel, titanium and fiberglass dental posts every 24 hours. With several machines running Dentatus has the capacity to produce millions of dental posts every year.

The work flow is carefully controlled at every stage of production from: machining – cleaning – surface treatment – gold plating – quality control – packing and delivery to customers.

Dentatus fulfils 100% quality control by using high tech optimal measurements, each piece is measured at 11 different points, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest possible quality.

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