In the limelight – Dentatus high-quality matrix bands

Dentatus Matrix bands and retainer

Manufactured in our Swedish facilities and made of high-quality stainless steel, Dentatus classic matrix bands and retainers are the best of its kind.

This is Dentatus Matrix Bands

Our highly acclaimed matrix bands comes in two sizes, optimized for specific treatments. Both the 0.040 and 0.050 matrix bands are made from Swedish high quality steel, with the difference that the latter also has special dead soft qualities. Why is this important? The choice of steel quality gives the matrix bands high strength, good adjustability and perfectly smooth edges. The thinnest matrix bands provide excellent prerequisites for well contoured and defined interproximal contacts.

Why Dentatus Matrix Bands?

  • Made from Swedish stainless steel
  • Used globally and highly regarded among the dentist community
  • Only original Nyström retainers – no copies

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Dentatus Matrix Retainers MEC-N

This is Dentatus Matrix Retainers

The Dentatus Matrix system increases the reliability when placing matrices. The user friendly retainers are another essential component in the Matrix family. We have produced the original matrix retainers by Dr. Nyström for several decades, making the product a natural part of every dentist’s toolkit. Yet again, the use of Swedish high-quality stainless steel makes all the difference.

Why Dentatus Matrix Retainers?

  • The original made in Sweden
  • Superior quality
  • High reliability
  • Made of stainless steel

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