Luscent Anchors – The Original Fiberglass Anchors From Dentatus


Manufactured in Sweden by Dentatus since 1999, Luscent Fiberglass Anchors is a true classic in our multifaceted catalog of market-leading dental products. Let’s make a quick walkthrough of the main features.

Do you only settle for premium dental products? Then Luscent Fiberglass Anchors is the natural choice when performing cohesive dental restorations. Why? Partly, Luscent Fiberglass Anchors transmit light into the confines of canals, polymerizing adhesives and composites attaching firmly the anchor with core foundation.

In addition, Luscent Fiberglass Anchors, with modern adhesive materials, overcome the disadvantages of metal post products especially in the highly aesthetic visible zones. It creates the ideal color background for crowns and the surrounding gingival tissue that is accomplished with conventional techniques and procedures. This, in combination with the easy to use design, always produces a perfect end result.

One-Step Procedure

What is the One-Step procedure? It is an effective way for curing composites within the confines of canals providing anchorage and superb aesthetics. The resin reinforced Luscent Fiberglass Anchors fulfill dentistry’s preference for very strong, non-metallic posts that are consistent with adhesive practice and procedures. The fiberglass anchors can be placed in large and the smallest canals with conventional adhesive techniques and materials to support the core foundation and aesthetic restorations.

In short – Dentatus Luscent Anchors:

  • The original fiberglass anchors from Dentatus
  • Creates excellent aesthetics
  • Effective One-Step procedure
  • Creates a mono-bloc strength anchor-core support

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