Minimize Aerosol Generation with Profin System

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, National Health Agencies across the globe are advising dental offices to resume seeing non-emergency patients and minimize AGP (Aerosol Generating Procedures). This is causing much debate around traditional scaling and air abrasion techniques. We are reaching out to remind you that there are alternatives available that will allow us to safely continue preventive treatment for patients during this interim period.

Dentatus’s Profin Directional System is used with the EVA Tip Series for professional mechanical tooth cleaning as outlined by Dr. Per Axelsson in Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC). Profin’s gentle reciprocating movement of 1.2 mm allows for easy and efficient cleaning without heat development. Profin is operated at 10,000 RPM and does not require water for cooling; as such, aerosol production is greatly reduced as compared to traditional Scaling or Air Abrasion Systems.

For polishing and PMTC, single-use triangular [EVA-2000] and spatula [EVA-5000] shaped plastic tips are available to be used in combination with fluoride polishing pastes. In contrast to rotating instruments, Profin can be used even when a rubber dam is placed.

For non-invasive scaling, root planing and debridement the reciprocating PER-IO-TOR [TOR-1-6] instruments can be used.

“If the 2008 economy is any indication of what the 2020 economy may entail, periodontal therapy is going to play an extremely important role in dental treatment.” says Scott Froum, DDS1. A recent survey showed that 71% of dental patients had concerns about going to the dental office during the COVID-19 pandemic due to fear of transmission.2

With Profin, you can ease patients back into the office by offering a conservative approach that minimizes aerosol production and ultimately helps save their natural teeth.

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