Dental Implant Systems

Dentatus’ specialized implant systems widen the horizons of what can be done in dental implantology. The narrow body implants and the innovative prosthetic components can be used in limited spaces, where regular size implant therapy is contraindicated.

The Atlas and Anew implant systems, introduced in 2004, are designed to offer long-term treatment solutions for patients with limited space provisions.

In the early 1990’s Dentatus introduced MTI®, the first narrow body implant for temporary restorations. The MTI system provides fixed provisionalization to maintain normal function and appearance with the patient during lengthy implant therapy.

Dentatus Atlas-model

Tuf-Link II Silicone Reline, no Need for Denture Adhesive

ATLAS Implants are utilized with Tuf-Link® II silicone reline material. They provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention of the denture. The system distributes the chewing force on the ridge and implants without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

Atlas implants

ATLAS Implants for Denture Retention

Retain, stabilize and cushion dentures without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

Dentatus Anew Implant System

ANEW Narrow Body Implants

Narrow Body Implants with screw retained prosthetics.

The only implant with screw-retained restorations for narrow ridges and limiting spaces.

Dentatus MTI Implant System

MTI Transitional Implants

Dentatus MTI Monorail is the original transitional dental implant system designed to assure patients of functional and aesthetic provisionalizations during lengthy implant therapy.

(Only sold outside of EU)

Dentatus CePo Profile Drills

CePo Center Point Dentist Drills

The exclusive CePo needlepoint bone drills are besides use for Dentatus Implants highly recommended for initiating osteotomies for all sizes and types of dental implants.