Dental Instruments

Dentatus Articulator AEE Ear bow

Face Bows & Ear Bows

Dentatus Face Bows and Ear Bows to use with Dentatus Articulators

Dentatus Atlas-model

Tuf-Link II Silicone Reline, no Need for Denture Adhesive

ATLAS Implants are utilized with Tuf-Link® II silicone reline material. They provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention of the denture. The system distributes the chewing force on the ridge and implants without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

Lamineer Tip Stand

Lamineer Tips – the Complete Range

Dentatus Diamond Tips; The LTA and EVA Tips Can Be Used With All Profin Instruments

Profin Dental

Your companion to dental perfection

Ideal for delicate and directionally controlled reciprocating movement for cleaning, finishing and polishing dental surfaces.
The Profin® System is the professionals choice for all kinds of cleaning, finishing and contouring of dental surfaces – n...

Dentatus Profin PDX

Profin PDX

The Ultimate Instrumentation for Finishing and Polishing for Professionals

The handpiece and the dedicated and wide assortment of abrasive tips offer unlimited access to hard-to-reach intraoral areas, allowing reshaping of enamel and restorations made of porcelain, metal, composite and ama...

Dentatus profin-pdh

Profin PDH

The Ultimate Instrument for Manual Finishing

Based on the established Profin/EVA system, Dentatus is proud to present the new Profin PDH, a high-quality hand instrument with a wide range of interchangeable Lamineer diamond tips for safe and precise finishing work.

Dentatus lamineer tips

Lamineer Tips

Reciprocating LTA and EVA Tips can be used for all Profin Instruments.

Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC) is the art of perfection for obtaining and maintaining high quality dental hygiene. The LTA and EVA tips for Profin instruments are designed for the professionals.

Profin IPR Tips

For Safe InterProximal Reduction

Dentatus latest addition to the range of Dentatus Lamineer tips for Profin/EVA – Tips for the highly acclaimed reciprocating Profin Directional System – are the Profin IPR™ tips for interproximal reduction.

Per-Io-Tor root-planing

Per-Io-Tor tips are the ultimate tools for safe mechanical root-planing.

Used in the reciprocating Profin handpieces, Per-Io-Tor tips gently smoothen the root surface without over-instrumentation.

Dentatus EVA Tips

For Implant Cleaning

By using the plastic EVA tips for cleaning implants and implant retained prosthetics, an efficient and gentle cleaning can be provided.

Profin PDX kit for dental CAD/CAM Restorations

The Profin system with suitable Lamineer tips in different grit sizes and shapes is an excellent aid for refine cavity preparations and final CAD/CAM restorations in different steps. Dentatus offers the complete kit for your CAD/CAM restorations containing a Profin PDX hand piece and recommended ...

Atlas implants

ATLAS Implants for Denture Retention

Retain, stabilize and cushion dentures without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

Dentatus Anew Implant System

ANEW Narrow Body Implants

Narrow Body Implants with screw retained prosthetics.

The only implant with screw-retained restorations for narrow ridges and limiting spaces.

Dentatus MTI Implant System

MTI Transitional Implants

Dentatus MTI Monorail is the original transitional dental implant system designed to assure patients of functional and aesthetic provisionalizations during lengthy implant therapy.

(Only sold outside of EU)

Dentatus CePo Profile Drills

CePo Center Point Dentist Drills

The exclusive CePo needlepoint bone drills are besides use for Dentatus Implants highly recommended for initiating osteotomies for all sizes and types of dental implants.

Dentatus Matrix bands and retainer

Dentatus Matrix Bands

Dentatus’ Matrix Bands are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel.

The standard shape bands are available in two thicknesses: 0.050 and 0.040 mm.

Dentatus Matrix Retainers MEC-N

Dentatus Matrix Retainers

For decades Dentatus has manufactured the original matrix retainers according to Dr. Nyström.

Made of Swedish Steel according to highest standards they have been globally recognized for its reliability and high quality.

Dentatus articulator ARH

Articulators & Face Bow

The design of the Dentatus Articulators has been made to fulfill the requirements necessary for efficient and accurate study of occlusal relations, diagnosis and treatment planning in natural and artificial dentitions.

Dentatus Maaxloc


A revolutionary aid for mandibular balance. Identify and compensate for individual height asymmetries between the right and left sides of the mandible. Invaluable in study and diagnosis of pain caused by unbalanced mandible movements.

Spare Parts & Service

A Dentatus articulator or face bow is not everlasting – but almost.

There is a good possibility that your used and maybe seized Dentatus articulator can be fixed to perfect function again. We give service and exchange worn parts on several of our old models.

Dentatus mandrels


Well balanced high quality mandrels for straight (HP) and angled hand pieces (RA) have been manufactured by Dentatus for many years. Used together with cutting and polishing discs both at the surgery and at the dental lab.