Profin PDH – Dental Finishing Has Never Been Easier

We have previously described all the benefits of using the Profin PDX. Now it’s time to shine a light on Dentatus ultimate dental finishing hand instrument – the Profin PDH.

Profin PDH is by far the best choice for manual dental finishing. Based on the classic Profin/EVA system, Profin PDH is a comfortable handpiece made of high-quality materials. Specially shaped to ease every stage of dental finishing, even when the area at first seems impossible to reach.

Tactile and Flexible Design

With its ergonomic and tactile design, combined with a scratch-resistant surface, Profin PDH gives optimal durability. Create optimal shapes and embrasures, heighten aesthetics and increase patient satisfaction with the best dental finishing tool on the market.

Adapted Dental Finishing With Lamineer Diamond Tips

Profin PDH is not a static dental finishing instrument. The handpiece is interchangeable with a wide range of Lamineer Diamond Tips, opening up to the possibility to give it special features for unique treatments. The complete range of Lamineer Tips can be used with all Profin/EVA instruments.

The Lamineer tips, with various diamond grit sizes, will remove gross excess materials for the finest dental finishing. They can rotate freely to follow natural contours or be fixed for controlled detailing and shaping. When used in place of finishing strips in a free floating mode, the tips provide delicate control to shape and polish both curved and flat surfaces to optimize esthetics in the gingival, interproximal, Buccal and incisal areas.

In short – Profin PDH Dental Finishing Hand instrument:

  • Contra angled for easy posterior usage and buccal access
  • Interproximal adjustments
  • Overhang reduction
  • Marginal adjustments
  • Professional tooth cleaning

Right now, we have a lucrative campaign on the Profin PDH and Lamineer Tips!

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