Profin PDX & Lamineer IPR Tips – The Perfect Match For Safe Interproximal Reduction!

You may have already heard about our instrument for effective finishing and polishing – the Profin PDX. But do you also know that Profin PDX can be combined with our solution for safe interproximal reduction?

The Profin IPR Tips are made for interproximal reduction and should be used specifically together with our highly acclaimed Profin Directional System.

Patient Safety Before All

What new features do the Profin IPR Tips add to the Profin family? The Profin IPR Tips were developed with focus on every dentist’s top priority – patient safety. With Profin IPR Tips, dentists can correct disproportionate tooth sizes, eliminate crowding and increase the durability of orthodontic treatment results.

Some of the tips are safe-sided for cases where you need to protect the adjacent tooth enamel. The Profin IPR Tips diminish the risk of excessive stripping, thereby ensuring more conservative removal of enamel in prescribed amounts. They also eliminate the risk of damage to the gingival tissue.

Better control, easier performance & natural esthetics

Used with the Profin PDX, Profin IPR’s movement is fluid as the 1.2 mm axial stroke allows for concise corrections and safe, quick and efficient modification. Profin IPR’s controlled reduction avoids rounding teeth. It allows you to reach all the right places for optimal results, shaping, finishing and preserving the natural anatomy of the tooth. 

Esthetics have never been more natural. With Profin IPR, practitioners can easily recreate a tooth’s natural contours with a variety of Lamineer Tips in numerous shapes, sizes and grits. Taking the Profin Directional System to a completely new level!

In Short – Why Profin IPR Tips?

  • Safe interproximal reduction
  • Increasing overall patient safety
  • Control is in your hand
  • Performance made easier
  • Natural esthetics

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