Removal of Interdental Overhang

Did you know that the above BEFORE and AFTER effect can be achieved by the Dentatus Lamineer Tips type LTA?

To remove interdental overhangs with standard rotating instruments can be difficult.

The Profin with reciprocating Lamineer Tips (LTA) gives access to these hard-to-reach areas both shaping and polishing curved and flat surfaces. Rotating instruments on the other hand have limited accessibility in these areas and may cause horizontal iatrogenic roughness.
The Lamineer tips come in various diamond grit sizes and forms, and are safe-sided not to damage the adjacent teeth.

Over-the-roof applications:

  • 1.2 mm reciprocating tip movement
  • Removal of gross overhangs
  • Shaping of all restorative material
  • Polishing of all prosthetic materials and enamel
  • Smoothing larger flat or convex surfaces
  • Opening incisal and gingival, approximal areas
  • Reshaping precise inclines and angles of shoulders
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