This month’s employee profile!

Samantha Akbari Dentatus

Clinical Product Manager, Samantha Akbari, reviews one year at Dentatus by answering 5 quick questions!

Tell us a bit about your background!
Dentist’s degree from Karolinska Institutet, part-time clinical work with patients and part-time as clinical product manager at Dentatus!

How has your first year at the new job been?
Fun and educational! I have learned a lot about the regulatory framework behind the medical devices we use on a daily basis. There is a lot of work behind even the simplest products we use daily!

How is it, going to work both here and clinically?
Combining this work, whilst still working clinically with patients, is really developing. I benefit greatly from my clinical knowledge in the work here at Dentatus and I also bring back knowledge to my work with patients.

Describe a regular working day with three words!
Medical publications, Product Questions and Coffee!

Exciting, developing ?!
Medical publications -Seek and read articles, I then use this research to write clinical evaluations on our products. A clinical evaluation is, in short, a critical review of relevant data and is part of the quality assurance of our products.
I also work with the marketing department and help them with questions about our products.
Otherwise – A lot of coffee-I love coffee! At least 5 cups a day!

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