ANEW Narrow Body Implants

Narrow Body Implants with screw retained prosthetics

The only implant with screw-retained restorations for narrow ridges and limiting spaces.


The Advantages

  • Specially designed for limited spaces
  • Screw retained restorations
  • For long term, transitional or temporary use
Dentatus Anew Implant System


One Implant... More Options

Anew Narrow Body Implant System offers both fixed and removable prosthetic options for your most challenging cases

The ANEW Narrow Body Implant System is more versatile now than ever before, offering both fixed and removable prosthetic options for your most challenging cases. Designed to complement your current implant system, ANEW’s narrow diameter is ideal for patients with insufficient bone width, limited interdental space or converging roots.

The versatile ANEW system includes various platforms for screw retained single or multiunit prosthetics. ANEW also includes platforms for temporary restorations which offer patients comfortable dentate state throughout their implant treatment. The screwcaps allow easy removal and reattachment of the prosthetics.

With the introduction of the new Elypse Platform ANEW can also be used for removable prostheses with the proven ATLAS® Denture ComfortTM technology.

Illustration to the right; Anew resin screwcap assembled restorations, removable without force, prevent distortion and overcome metal screw fatigue and implant failures.


Single Tooth Prosthetics

Dentatus Anew Single tooth prosthetics

Multi-Unit Restoration

Dentatus Anew multi-unit restoration

Elypse For Removable Denture

Dentatus Anew Elypse

Anew Implants - A Different Implant for Different Challenges

Anew is a narrow body implant system for immediate and long term use. It is designed to complement your current implant system to give you more options to treat your patients.

  • Single tooth prosthetics – especially in narrow interdental spaces
  • Multi-unit restorations
  • Temporary restorations
  • Removable prostheses – NEW
  • Screw retained restorations
  • One Implant … More options

Anew is the only implant with screw-retained restorations for narrow ridges and limiting spaces. Designed for use in small interdental spaces for fixed restorations, Anew’s non-hygroscopic screw cap allows for implants to be monitored, altered and easily adapted to a permanent restoration.

Anew also protects grafting sites, maintains soft tissue architecture and ensures that the final implant is in the ideal esthetic position.


  • Narrow-body 1.8, 2.2 and 2.4 mm diameters
  • One-piece, Grade 5 titanium alloy implant (Ti6Al4V)
  • Prosthetic components for chairside restorations
  • Square platform prevents rotation of prosthesis
  • Surface-treated thread promotes osseointegration
  • Tapered implant design improves initial stability
  • Smooth platform-tissue interface
  • Short thread connector
  • Contour soft tissue
  • Instant support for non-retentive or failing abutments and restorations
  • Emergency repairs and bridge stabilization
  • Improved esthetics and function during graft healing period


Case: Anew Single Tooth Implant for Narrow Spaces


Case: Stabilization and Repair of Failed Bridge

Dentatus Anew Multi unit

Anew Elypse Platform for Removable Dentures

Elypse – a unique cross-over product for removable prosthesis on ANEW implants.

The Elypse platform makes it possible to use ANEW implants also for retaining over-dentures. The platform can easily be removed from the ANEW implant and a fixed prosthesis can be made at a later stage. This can be desirable when a long healing time is expected after extensive surgery, for economic reasons etc.

The Elypse platform is threaded onto the ANEW implant and secured with semi-permanent cement. The denture is then prepared and Tuf-Link II soft reliner is used for retaining the denture on the platform, without o-rings or adhesives. The Tuf-Link II soft reliner is kept in place by a prepared undercut in the denture. This can easily be made chair-side by the dentist.

Using the Elypse platforms, the versatility of the ANEW and Atlas implant systems is truly demonstrated. Putting in ANEW implants, with their well-known properties for use in limited spaces, the doctor can choose between a fixed and a removable solution at any time.

Dentatus Anew elypse

Anew Ti Alloy sterilized implants are made from Ti6Al4V titanium alloy, approved for Long-Term Use. They must be treated according to prescribed safety standards and approved surgical protocols when placed directly through the tissue or combined with surgical incision flaps.

Implant-supported restorations may be left in place for time-frames decided by professional care providers.

The Anew Implant Restorative Protocol was developed in conjunction with the Department of Implant Dentistry of the New York University College of Dentistry.

Anew Implants are FDA market approved “for long-term use and any length of time decided by the health care provider.”


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