About Dentatus

For over 90 years, Dentatus has earned the respect from dental professionals and enjoyed a global reputation for developing and manufacturing devices that deliver unique solutions to the dental market. Through university research and independent clinical testing, our products have been proven to be reliable and durable.

Dentatus operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility excelling in quality control. Production includes various types of technologies well adapted to fulfill high demands related to medical devices and tracing capabilities.

We believe that producing quality products is not only good for our customers, but good for the environment we live in as well: it is just one part of our commitment towards a more sustainable society. “Being a manufacturing company, we are extremely conscious about the way we treat our natural resources and environment. We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible” says Nita Weissman, Dentatus’ President.

From inception, our focus is to develop products based on the needs and desires from the dental community. At the heart of Dentatus is a commitment to providing sustainable, Swedish high-quality products without compromise.

Dentatus works with over 100 distribution channels globally. Our distributors are extremely valuable to us, and we do our best to connect our products’ users with a distributor anywhere around the world. If we have not established distribution where you are situated, you can make a purchase directly from Dentatus in Sweden.

The Dentatus Prize

The Bernard Weissman/Dentatus Student Achievement Award is presented to the top students at four dental universities in Sweden.

The recipients, nominated by their respective universities for their excellent academic achievements and empathy for their patients, receive a diploma and a scholarship from Dentatus at a special ceremony held at the national dental exhibition Swedental in November every year.

The award was founded in 1989 by Dentatus former president and owner Bernard Weissman and Prof. Göran Anneroth from Umeå University. It changed its name in 2020 to honor Bernard Weissman.

Prize Winners

Karolinska Institutet

Solange Girgis, 2023
Willem de Lange, 2022
Agne Kvedaraite, 2021
Linda Liljeblad, 2020
Pallavi Khattar, 2019
Jonathan Wiberg, 2018
Lotta Moberg, 2017
Sara Hellgren, 2016
Hampus Eksell, 2015
Lena Haspel, 2014
Sebastian Jarl, 2013
Turid Tidblom, 2012
Diana Ercan, 2011
Linda Fred Andersson, 2009
Jeanette Tveit, 2008
Anastasios Grigoriadis, 2007
Johanna Wärme, 2006
Charlotte Erhardt, 2005
Gustaf Zachrisson, 2004
Angelica Nilsson Andersson, 2003
Peggy Näsman, 2002
Ioanna Xynogala, 2000
George Al-Homsi, 1998
Matts Karlström, 1996
Roya Yazdpouri, 1991
Anders Fridman, 1991
Michael Cederqvist, 1990

Umeå Universitet

Xhenisera Hallulli, 2023
Hanien Al-Faisal, 2022
Mohamed Abdulkadir Hussein, 2021
Evelina Svanelind, 2020
Henrik Landgren, 2019
Stina Jacobsson, 2018
Ida Risnert, 2017
Emelie Åström, 2016
Emma Johansson, 2015
Stina Öskog, 2014
Emma Svedman, 2013
Ahmad Nseir, 2012
Åsa Kalin, 2011
Stina Kuoppa, 2009
Gustaf Wiklund, 2008
Petra Hautamäki, 2007
Veronica Borgh, 2006
Anette Jonasson, 2005
Reine Sjöman, 2004
Maria Garoff, 2003
Ted Hartman, 2001
Henrik Lundgren, 2001
Ewa Johansson, 1992
Fredrik Bryndahl, 1989

Göteborgs Universitet

Linn Holm, 2023
Moa Rask, 2022
Erica Johansson, 2021
Freja Håkansson, 2020
David Pohjola, 2019
Lamija Alibegovic, 2018
Olivia Ceder, 2017
Linnea Sollén, 2016Rachel Duhan, 2015
Lovisa Lindborg, 2014
Java Wallad Begi, 2013
Malin Högman, 2012
Johan Evald, 2011
Ebadi Borna Araz, 2009
Nadya Esfahani, 2008
Peter Östgren, 2007
Carl Holmberg, 2006
Jenny Gustavsson, 2005
Kerstin Rådmark, 2004
Helena Ahlinder, 2003
Jennie Kenneteg, 1999
Inga Börjesson, 1997
Dan-Åke Wälivaara, 1995
Helena Gunnesby, 1993
Magnus Lotzke, 1989

Malmö Universitet

Tilda Karlén, 2023
Matin Farzad, 2022
Annica Elmart, 2021
Hanna Dahl, 2020
Jesper Gustavsson, 2019
Mathilda Ramqvist, 2018
Andrea Bergengren, 2017
Kosovare Shala, 2016
Karin Magnusson, 2015
Philip Arneryd, 2014
Stephanie Jonsson, 2013
Emelie Månsson, 2012
Niklas Thuring, 2011
Pär Johansson, 2009
Ivana Franc, 2008
Henrik Daneskog, 2007
Isabel Ståhlnacke, 2006
Marcus Karlsson, 2005
Mariana Edvinsson, 2004
Emina Becic, 2003
Kari Ulvedal, 2000
Christina Söderström, 1997
Yones Jalali, 1994
Cecilia Bresin Ödman, 1990

Dentatus Milestones