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Cleaning Your Implants With Ou...

Dentatus EVA Plastic Tips are a brilliant choice for an efficient and gentle cleaning of the implants.


Use our Profin PDX handpiece or Profin PDH hand instrument not only for finishing and polishing, but also for professional cleaning of...

Celebrating Sweden’s Nat...

On 6th of June we celebrate Sweden’s National Day!

The office is closed the whole day and on Friday the 7th of June as well. We re-open for business on Monday the 10th June.

We wish all our Swedish customers & friends en mysig nationaldag! 🎈🎉Ǵ...

Dentatus @Buldental 2019

From 15 to 17 May, the specialists will gather again in Inter Expo Center in Sofia, Bulgaria where the annual professional dental forum BULDENTAL will take place for fifty-third time.  BULDENTAL  is one of the most significant events in the dental branch in Bulgaria and the regio...

Dentatus Matrix bands and retainer

In the limelight – Dentatus hi...

Manufactured in our Swedish facilities and made of high-quality stainless steel, Dentatus classic matrix bands and retainers are the best of its kind.

Highlighted products

Dentatus Profin PDX

Profin PDX

The Ultimate Instrumentation for Finishing and Polishing for Professionals

The handpiece and the dedicated and wide assortment of abrasive tips offer unlimited access to hard-to-reach intraoral areas, allowing reshaping of enamel and restorations made of porcelain, metal, composite and ama...

Dentatus profin-pdh

Profin PDH

The Ultimate Instrument for Manual Finishing

Based on the established Profin/EVA system, Dentatus is proud to present the new Profin PDH, a high-quality hand instrument with a wide range of interchangeable Lamineer diamond tips for safe and precise finishing work.

Dentatus Articulator ARH2

Articulators & Face Bow

We are proud to introduce two upgraded Dentatus articulators, ARH2 and ARL2, in a new modern design for easier usage and maintenance.
The new upgraded models in the Dentatus articulator and face bow range keep the same high quality and precision as recognized by the profession since long. M...