We are proud to introduce two upgraded Dentatus articulators, ARH2 and ARL2, in a new modern design for easier usage and maintenance.
The new upgraded models in the Dentatus articulator and face bow range keep the same high quality and precision as recognized by the profession since long. Main improvements are found with scales and settings which have been made more ergonomical for the user.


The Advantages

  • Robust, precise and reliable
  • New and upgraded design for easier usage and maintenance
  • Ergonomic knobs and improved visibility scales
  • Wide range of accessories and spare parts
  • Can be used with Dentatus' Face and Ear Bows
Dentatus Articulator ARH2


Dentatus Articulators with Ear/Face Bow

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The design of the Dentatus articulators has been made to fulfill the requirements necessary for efficient and accurate study of occlusal relations, diagnosis and treatment planning in natural and artificial dentitions. It is a high quality tool for individual reproduction of tooth and jaw relations, for analysis and extra oral manufacturing of individual prosthetics and other individual related dental devices.

The Dentatus articulators are made of aluminium and high quality stainless steel with anodized surfaces (black details) and powder coated (blue details) for sturdy and reliable use over long time. Durable plastic feet protect table surfaces from scratches.

The care with which polished or anodized surfaces, ground parts, etc. have been machined and finished is not only intended for the appearance but also to facilitate the removal of plaster, wax and other foreign matter from the articulator.

Dentatus Articulator ARL2 - Top Of The Line

Dentatus Articulator ARL2

Dentatus Articulator ARL2 – With Gauge Block


  • Adjustable Upper Jaw Member – Easily calibrated by use of the Gauge Block.
  • With the Gauge Block the articulator can be adjusted and will assure correct basic settings when cooperating dentists and laboratories work with their individual ARL2 articulators.
  • An articulator will in practical work be subject to gradual changes either by wear or by accident. When such changes are discovered, checking and adjustment of the articulator is important. The Gauge Block is an efficient adjunct to the ARL2 Articulator for continued precision over time.
  • Adjustable Condylar Track Inclination -20° to +60°
  • Full range Bennett shift 0° to 40°
  • The Condylar Mechanism can be set from individual records
  • Fixed intercondylar distance: 95mm
  • Opens 180°+
  • Condylar Track Assemblies equipped with Special Auditory Pins for attachment of the Dentatus Ear Bow AEE
  • Improved thread design to minimize unintended lockin by stone
  • Solid incisal table, can be tilted anterior-posteriorly, and detachable – can be interchanged with the Fully Adjustable Segmented Incisal Table
  • Total model height: 105mm
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weight: 1038 g

Dentatus Articulator ARH2 – A True Companion

Dentatus Articulator ARH2

Dentatus Articulator ARH2 – With Gauge Block


As Dentatus ARL2 articulator but without the Adjustable Upper Jaw Member and without calibration possibility with the Gauge Block

  • Adjustable immediate side shift
  • Weight: 1010 g

The Articulator

The articulator is defined as “a mechanical instrument that represents the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and jaws, to which maxillary and mandibular casts may be attached to simulate some or all mandibular
movements” (Academy of Denture Prosthetics 1977).


The Importance of Occlusion

Understanding the correct relations between the static and functional dental contacts is key to good clinical practice in restorative dentistry.
The articulator’s primary function is to work as if it was a patient ‘in-absence’.



The Dentatus articulators have been manufactured in Sweden since 1944 and are still well-known high-quality precision instruments designed for long time service at dental clinics, laboratories and education centers across the world.


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The Dentatus´ Face Bow and Ear Bow are designed to meet the same high demands for stability and durability as the Dentatus articulators. The two variants are available depending on the preferred method used for determining the condular position on the patient.

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Spare Parts & Service

A Dentatus articulator or face bow is not everlasting – but almost.

There is a good possibility that your used and maybe seized Dentatus articulator can be fixed to perfect function again. We give service and exchange worn parts on several of our old models.