Lamineer Tips

Reciprocating LTA and EVA Lamineer Tips can be used for all Profin Instruments

Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC) is the art of perfection for obtaining and maintaining high quality dental hygiene. The LTA and EVA tips for Profin instruments are designed together to offer safe and versatile tooth cleaning for the professionals.

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The Advantages

  • Versatile variety of reciprocating tips
  • Diamond or Tungsten coated
  • Many shapes and grits
  • Plastic tips for prophylactics
  • Per-Io-Tor for mechanical root planing
Lamineer Tip Stand

Try Something Better - Go Reciprocating

     Dentatus Profin PDX


The back-and-forward movement is far better and safer than using rotating instruments, which easily can create unwanted dents and uneven surfaces.

The Lamineer Tips for Profin® and EVA handpieces give you excellent and well defined surfaces, also in normally hard-to-reach areas. A wide range of grits, sizes, shapes and surfaces cover all kinds of treatments, including aesthetics, prophylactics, orthodontics and others.

Special Per-Io-Tor tips are available for gentle cleaning and planing of root cementum in a controlled way (ask for separate information).

All tips are used in a reciprocating dental handpiece, such as the Profin or EVA.

Other Advantages:

  • Profin and Lamineer tips are fully sterilizable
  • Lamineer spatula and knife edged design tips are safe sided and do not harm soft tissues
  • Lamineer tips are color coded from coarse for gross removal of all restorative materials – to extrafine for polishing.
  • Comes with assorted abrasive surfaces conveniently accessible in the color-coded stand
  • Plastic tips for interproximal polishing

The LTA-Flexible - Great at Preserving Natural Aesthetics

The LTA-Flex tips are twice as flexible and 2 mm longer than the standard LTA range of tips.

These new features prevent ditching and iatrogenic damage to natural tooth and restorative contours in the anterior region raising the gold-standard in aesthetic procedures.
Lamineer Tips can rotate freely to follow natural contours or be fixed for controlled detailing and shaping. When used in place of finishing strips in a free floating mode, the tips provide delicate control to shape and polish both the curved and flat surfaces to optimize aesthetic form in the gingival, interproximal, facial and incisal areas.


Lamineer tips Flexible

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