Luscent Anchors

Fiberglass Resin Anchors

For strong aesthetic anchorage of dental cohesive restorations. One-Step procedure for simultaneously curing adhesives and composites within the confines of canals creates a mono-bloc strength anchor-core support.

The Advantages

  • The original fiber anchors from Dentatus
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • One step procedure
  • Creates anchor-core support

Dentatus Luscent Anchors

The one-stop effective procedure for curing composites within the confines of canals providing anchorage and flawless aesthetics

  • Transmits polymerizing light within the confines of canals
  • Provides a one-stop core anchor foundation with all restorative materials
  • Reflects natural hues for flawless aesthetic restorations
  • Visible radiolucency in canal and through the core materials
  • Available in 6 diameters to fit very slim and very large canals

The resin reinforced fiberglass Luscent Anchors fulfill dentistry’s preference for very strong, non-metallic posts that are consistent with adhesive practice and procedures. The anchors can be placed in large and the smallest canals with conventional adhesive techniques and materials to support the core foundation and aesthetic restorations.

The radiolucent anchors, homogeneously attached to the canal and core material, transmit the tooth color without being visible under most adverse light conditions. They also provide a sound core-crown gingival interface radiating natural color through soft and hard tissues surrounding teeth.

The Luscent Anchor

Radiograph of three different diameters of the light-transmitting Luscent Anchors. (Right)

Restoring endodontically compromised teeth with fiber-reinforced light-transmitting anchors

Certainly one of the most challenging aspects of restorative dentistry is the esthetic restoration of the endodontically treated tooth. In the past, focus has been on the search for the best methods to achieve clinical success based on the post itself. Currently, evidence points to the deficiency of focusing on the type of posts and materials rather than considering the post-core complex in function.

Although teeth flex in function, the ultimate restoration in its totality should create an integrally sealed unit that does not yield, bend, or flex. Extreme impact forces should be absorbed by the periodontal complex, and the internal structures of the root should be reinforced to resist fracture.

Radiograph of three different diameters of the light-transmitting Luscent Anchors.

Luscent Anchors Fulfill all the Criteria

With the introduction of the Luscent Anchor past technical compromises are eliminated. The anchors transilluminate light, are easy to use, and offer significant benefits in radiolucency, retention, and superb esthetics. Endodontic treatment compromises the strength of the tooth. The Luscent Anchor combines strong fiberglass rods encapsulated in a resin matrix that transmits light within the confines of the canal. A benefit of the translucent anchor is that it can be used with dual-cure resins and bonding techniques, which allow sufficient time for exact centering and seating of the anchor, as well as a complete fill of the composite inside the canal. The Luscent Anchor integrally bonded to the composite core/crown complex provides durable support with natural background hues for esthetic restorations.

Aesthetics: The Dentatus Luscent Anchors transmit light into the confines of canals, polymerizing adhesives and composites attaching firmly the anchor with core foundation. The Luscent Anchors, with modern adhesive materials, overcome the disadvantages of metal post products especially in the highly aesthetic visible zones. It creates the ideal color background for crowns and the surrounding gingival tissue that is accomplished with conventional techniques and procedures.

Adhesion: The Luscent Anchors are composed of longitudinal fiberglass rods in a strong resin matrix with a modulus of elasticity well within the range of dentin. It provides the strength needed for supporting restorations. The anchor-core construction creates the ideal mono-bloc strength foundation for aesthetic restorations.

Technical Information: Luscent Anchors provide extremely high adhesion to composite materials. The glass fibres contain silica similar to the fillers of composite materials. The post and core is retentive and antirotational, conserving sound radicular and coronal structure.



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