Per-Io-Tor root-planing

Per-Io-Tor tips are the ultimate tools for safe mechanical root-planing.

Used in the reciprocating Profin handpieces, Per-Io-Tor tips gently smoothen the root surface without over-instrumentation.

The Advantages

  • For mechanical tooth cleaning
  • Safe root-planing with Profin
  • Developed by Prof. Per Axelsson
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Made for long lasting performance

Prevents Further Removal of Root Cementum Once Surface is Clean

The Per-Io-Tor instruments are specially designed to optimize cleaning and planing of the rough root cementum and prevent further removal of root cementum once the surface is clean and smooth.

The secret is in the unique design of the Per-Io-Tor instruments, which have planing grooves set in a smooth surface.

Why Use Per-Io-Tor Instead of Other Techniques

Research shows that a clean smooth root cementum is of great importance for good healing of marginal periodontitis and for the regeneration of the periodontal supportive tissue. The root cementum is only between 0,03 and 0,1 mm thick in the coronal third of the root. Therefore 10-20 strokes with a curette or 5-10 rotations with a 15 micron diamond bur may result in the complete removal of the root cementum. This can lead to an invasion of subgingival microflora in the dentinal tubules which may result in an infection of the pulp. Additionally, microflora and their toxins in infected root canals may go the other way, which will lead to disturbances in the healing of the periodontitis.

Ref. Prof. Per Axelssons book Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning (PMTC), Finishing and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Caries and Periodontal Diseases – Materials, Methods and Effects”.



  • All Per-Io-Tor instruments are made of high quality stainless steel and may be cleaned in ultrasonic baths, in thermal washers / disinfectors and in autoclaves at 134º C.
  • Per-Io-Tor 1-4 may be used in all Profin and EVA handpieces.
  • Per-Io-Tor 5-6 should be used in a Profin handpiece, since these instruments are used in a locked position.
  • Degree of removal: approximately 0,005 mm at 2-3 minutes use until the root cementum is smooth.
  • All Per-Io-Tor instruments should be used at approximately 10.000 rpm.
  • The Per-Io-Tor instruments have been developed by Prof. Per Axelsson, Sweden, and are carefully documented.

Tor-1-6 For Profin/EVA Reciprocating Handpiece


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