Why use a Helix Drill vs Standard Reamer?

The decision to use a Standard Reamer or Helix Drill is a matter of preference between straight or helical cutting performance.

The Dentatus Classic Reamers are side cutting to prepare the canal for the corresponding size post and will not increase the depth of the prepared canal. They are made in high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting performance, as are all our reamers.  Sizes are indicated by the number of grooves on the shank, which corresponds to the number size of the Dentatus metal posts (ie: 1 groove = Size 1).

The Helix Drill’s sharp shaving blades create a precise, smooth canal interface. The high-quality surgical-steel drills with wide flutes are suited to remove debris while preventing jamming and damage to the root. The Helix Conical Drills are to be used with Luscent & Luscent-R Anchors, and Helix Classic Drills are used with all other Dentatus Posts.

Whichever style of Dentatus Reamer you choose, you can be assured that you are creating the perfect seat for your Dentatus Post.