ATLAS Implants for Denture Retention

Retain, stabilize and cushion dentures without housings, O-rings or adhesives.



The Advantages

  • One stage procedure
  • No housings or adhesives
  • No o-rings required
  • High patient satisfaction
Atlas implants


The Simple Solution for Denture Comfort

Retain, stabilize and cushion dentures without housings, O-rings or adhesives. Designed primarily to retain lower dentures, Atlas implants utilized with Tuf-LinkII TM silicone reline material provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention while distributing the chewing force on the ridge and implants, all without housings, o-rings or adhesives.

ATLAS Denture Comfort Technique

  • Overcomes technical restrictions of parallelism and space
  • Flapless installation
  • Easy one stage procedure
  • Stress-free denture placement/removal
  • 60 minute procedure

TUF-LINK II Soft Reliner

  • Tuf-Link polymerizes in 4-5 min
  • Non-porous material
  • Easily trimmed and replaced in denture base
  • Requires no adhesives
  • Provides a cushioned interface between soft tissue and denture
  • Lasts for up to 18 months

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Atlas Denture Comfort Web Site


On this web site patients can learn all about the affordable, one-hour procedure that can put an end to most denture problems. You’ll also find answers to common questions about Atlas Denture ComfortTM, and regularly updated articles and industry research.

Atlas Denture Comfort

The Simple Solution for Your Dental Practice

The narrow diameter ATLAS® implant is primarily designed to retain lower dentures for patients with moderate to severely resorbed bone. ATLAS Implants are utilized with Tuf-Link® II silicone reline material. They provide cushioned support and stabilization with gentle, firm retention of the denture. The system distributes the chewing force on the ridge and implants without housings, O-rings or adhesives.

The ATLAS minimally invasive procedure without a surgical flap dramatically reduces chair time and the simple technical steps make it vastly more affordable to many patients. Because the implants can be immediately loaded and are cushioned, patients can leave your office within an hour or less with a comfortable, stable denture.

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Dentatus Atlas-model

The Simple Solution for Your Patient's Needs

If you’re currently offering implant dentistry to your patients, ATLAS solves the all-too-familiar objections you and your team hear from patients: “Wow, I had no idea implants were so expensive!” or “I just can’t take so much time off work.” The ATLAS protocol solves the problems of costly implant procedures for many patients who must forego the comforts of implant retained restorations because of constraints due to time, bone or money.

If you’re currently not offering implant dentistry to your patients, ATLAS is the place to start. The small number of components will simplify your assistant ́s need to have them ready for the procedure. Whether you are an experienced implantologist, prosthodontist or manage a restorative general practice, ATLAS will help you offer the highly productive treatment to many more patients within their financial means.

Contact your local Dentatus implant dealer for information on available courses. Read more about the Lectures and Workshops.

An Implant System That Fits!

  • Fits thin ridges
  • Fits your patient’s budget
  • Fits your practice

Tuf-Link II resilient silicone liner provides secure retention and chewing comfort by being firmly retained by undercut in the periphery seam line.

Low profile 3 mm ATLAS dome head creates balanced bilateral support with gentle passive retention without copings, O-rings or adhesives.

Atlas Ti6Al4V titanium alloy implants are texturized and packaged sterile. Tapered end, and self threading design facilitates easy manual installation.

Atlas one piece implants are available in 1.8, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.8 mm diameter and 7, 10 and 14 mm thread lengths.

FDA indicated for long-term use or any length of time as decided by the health care provider.

The Atlas Implant Restorative protocol was developed in conjunction with the department of Implant Dentistry, New York University College of Dentistry.

The Technique

1. Severely Atrophied Alveolar Ridge

2. Radiographic Edentulous Ridge


3. Flapless Osteotomy with Pilot Drill

4. Placed Implants between the Mental Foramen

5. Denture Base Preparation

6. Hollow marked denture

7. Hollowed denture marked for implants

8. Expelled Tuf-Link

9. Denture with spaces for implants

10. Post-Op Panoramic View

11. One-Visit Retrofitted Denture



Check out our latest tutorial reviewing proper denture prep for the Denture Comfort Technique with Dentatus Atlas & Anew Implants.

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